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Both Brossard air cadet squadrons have decided to use the l'Auto Cadet tickets draw as their main Fund Raising campaign this year. This fund raising tool provided by the Air Cadet League provincial committee will be used to pay the mandatory annual registration fee we have to provide to the Air Cadet league for each cadet taking advantage of the Air Cadet program in Brossard. The rest of the money collected with this fund raising campaign will be used to subsidize the optional program activities offered locally by the squadrons.

In order to overcome some of the challenges we faced last year with the L'auto Cadet fund raising campaign, the Brossard squadrons sponsoring committees are implementing some important changes to ensure a full success for this fund raising campaign. Upon registration renewal of a cadet or a new cadet registration, each parent will receive a letter confirming they accept responsibility for the tickets received by providing a $120 cheque deposit that will be reimbursed if their child sells their minimum quota of 60 tickets. Here are some of the important details found in the letter that parents will be receiving when they register their child:

''This fundraising campaign is essential for the holding of optional activities of the squadrons. Although the sums collected do not remain in the squadron, the sums raised allow to subsidize certain activities, aeromodelling, public speaking, Aviation Day, marching and music competitions, scholarships, etc. In order to maintain what is listed above, each registered cadet must sell a minimum of 6 booklets of 12 auto-cadet tickets for $120.00. This contribution/implication is mandatory for all.

We invite you to sign the checklist so that you can give the tickets to your child. The latter will receive the necessary explanations for the sale of the auto-cadet tickets.It is important for your child to quickly return the money collected and the tickets sold each week.

We are counting on your valuable collaboration to carry out this activity.

The deadline for delivery of the first four booklets sold is November 1st, 2018 and the deadline for the return of the last sold tickets will be Wednesday, January 16th, 2019. After these dates the deposit will be automatically retained.

In addition, your child will have the chance to sell tickets during the squadron's blitz on September 23, October 28 and November 25, 2018. ''

Feel free at any time if you have any questions you can contact us by email at.

Thank you for your collaboration

For the sponsoring committees

Mrs. Leonie Fem 338 Squadron chairperson

Mr. Stephane Camirand 898 Squadron chairperson

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