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1. Pack your luggage with all items listed on your list of material from your camp information booklet. Do not forget your combination padlocks.

2. Wash and iron your uniform 2 days before departure and check that you are not missing any parts.

3. What do I wear on departure From head to toes:

* Cadet wedge * Cadet light blue shirt (no blue T-Shirt under your shirt) * Silver buckle cadet belt * Uniform pants * Cadet wool socks * Cadet boots * You should bring your winter jacket liner only *** Note: Do not bring your cadet vest / tunic.

4. What documents do I need to bring with me at camp? * Your camp offer of participation signed by parents * Your direct deposit form and void cheque specimen at your name * Your travel itinerary. (Make sure your parents have a copy at home too) * Your Medical insurance card * Medication prescription & eye glasses prescription * A government identification card with picture for those who travel by plane (medical insurance card, passport, etc)

5. Prepare a small pack sac for your carry on items that will go in the bus with you. This should contain the following: * Documents (see previous section) * Telephone calling card * Medication and prescriptions * At least 20$ of pocket money for personal expenses * Water and water bottle * Healthy snacks to eat during the trip * Kleenex Tissues * Motion sickness medication if you need it * Any electronic device or camera (not recommended)

Before going to bed the first night: Did I call home to tell parents that I arrived and that everything is fine?

Have a fantastic summer camp!

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