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Special messages

  • 10 cadets from 338 squadron have been selected for a Helicopter familiarization flight with our affiliated unit 438 Tactical helicopter squadron Friday night May 4, 2018. Selected cadets will be announced on Tuesday night.

  • Cadets who did not yet confirm if they will participate or not to the following two events have to go on our web site www.338squadron.caand click on the Events tab

  • Glider familiarisation flight May 12, 2018

  • Final parade / Annual review May 26, 2018

Regular messages

WEDNESDAY May 2, 2018: -Admin & supply open from 19:00 to 21:00 for registration or uniform part exchanges. Parents and cadets accepted to summer camp must come to sign their participation offer.

FRIDAY May 4, 2018: - All cadets participating to the Bush Survival exercise will meet at CCMV on Friday night 19:00 to have their kit inspected and to store their equipment for the night in preparation for departure on Saturday.

SATURDAY MAY 5, 2018 Bush survival exercise participants will meet for departure at 06:30 at CCMV with a cold lunch. The bus will leave at 07:30. Squadron cell phone number in case of emergency during the exercise: 438-520-3382

SUNDAY MAY 6, 2018 Parents are invited to pick up their child at CCMV on Sunday May 6, 2018 at 16:30.

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES - May 12, 2018 Glider familiarisation flight at Bromont Airport - May 26, 2018 338 Squadron first Annual review parade at Michel Normandin Arena - June 1, 2018 Annual Gala at Antoine Brossard High School Auditorium - June 3, 2018 Glider familiarization flight at Bromont Airport - June 8, 2018 Parent meeting for summer camp and election of our sponsoring committee members at Antoine Brossard High School Auditorium

Have a good week and a good week end

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