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Parent info


Dear parents, it is a real pleasure to have you child with us in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program.  Many parents are telling us when they register their child that the cadet program seems to be one of the best kept secrets.  Well, many efforts are made at the local, provincial and national level to inform the population of the key benefits provided by the cadet program.  We hope that this section of our local web site will provide the parents with some useful and practical information.  Please click on the contact tab of this web site and join our mailing list to stay abreast of what's happening every week.  You can also use this section to ask your questions and we will come back to you in a reasonable delay. 

Sewing badges on my child's cadet uniform...


Your teenager just received a new badge for a qualification Pas toujours facile que de s'y retrouver avec toutes ces insignes. Certains cadets en recevront plusieurs au cour d'une année d'instruction. Voici donc la référence illustrée que vous pourrez télécharger à même notre site.

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