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Summer Camp Selection

Congratulations to the following cadets who have been selected for a summer camp at a Cadet Training Centre! You will receive your summer camp offer and additional information through your 338 squadron email on June 1st.

Selections for the Cadet Activities Program will be posted soon.

Staff Cadet

  • WO2 Emily Lu - Valcartier

  • FSgt Clarissa Ma - Valcartier

  • WO2 Nicole Xie - Valcartier

Power Pilot Training Course (St-Jean)

  • WO2 Max Chen Huang

Military Music (Valcartier)

  • Sgt Jennifer Gao

  • Sgt Ivan Xie

Drill and Ceremonial Instructor

  • Sgt Sophia Bendahmane - Valcartier

  • Sgt Lucas Li - Valcartier

  • Sgt Lawrence Zhang - Connaught

Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor (Valcartier)

  • FSgt Jeff Chiu

  • Sgt Melissa Li-Shen

  • Sgt Richard Mou

  • FCpl Irina Wang

  • LAC Zi Fan Wu

  • FCpl Emily Zeng

Fitness and Sport Instructor

  • FCpl Andy Chang - Valcartier

  • Sgt Theodoric Ng - Argonaut

  • FCpl Marie St-Georges - Valcartier

  • FSgt Chelsea Zhang - Valcartier

Survival Instructor (Argonaut)

  • FCpl Jason Zhu

(Picture from 2016: WO1 Moustafa's first summer camp.)


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