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On September 12, 2021, ALL registered cadets are expected to stop by Marie Victorin Community Center located on 790 Victor Hugo Avenue in Brossard to perform their annual validation and to receive instructions in preparation to start our 2021-2022 training year that will be conducted in-person this year.

The dress for this activity is the Field Training Uniform (FTU) with the squadron baseball cap. Those who did not get their FTU yet will wear civilian clothing with 338 logo squadron's blue T-Shirt.

What is the Annual Validation process?

This is the time where a cadet and his parents come to meet the adult staff and confirm their commitment to our squadron activities for the upcomingyear and also to update the administrative information required for each cadets. Cadets will also have the possibility to meet with the staff assigned to their respective instruction level and register to some of our optional activity program events. Parents of newly registered cadets (during the pandemic) are invited to attend a parent/cadet information session à 13:30 to better understand our local cadet activity program and obtain answers to questions they might have.

How is it going to work?

In order to comply with the numerous public health authorities measures, we will need to spread throughout the day the meeting time with each cadet and one of their parents. Consequently we will invite cadets to come in different waves divided by instruction level. If last year you were taking level 2 program, this year you will be with the level 3 program group.

You and one of your parents will need approximately 90 minutes to complete the annual validation. You will find below the timings for each instructional level groups:

  • Level 5 cadets: 09:00

  • Level 4 cadets: 10:30

  • Level 3 cadets: 12:30

  • Level 1 cadets: 13:30 (parent information meeting)

  • Level 2 cadets: 14:00

  • Level 1 cadets: 14:30

** A the list of cadet names and their expected time of presence will be posted separately tomorrow. Please review upon posting and show up on time for your allocated timing ** At least one parent must be present with the cadet to sign the different documents required.

Some of my uniform parts do not fit anymore, what do I do?

Bring the uniform parts that does not fit anymore and we will try to exchange it on site while you are there. Make sure the parts that does not fit that you want to exchange are freshly washed and dried.

What do I do if I can not do my annual validation on Sept 12?

Our first training night will begin at 19:45 on Friday September 17, 2021 at Antoine Brossard High School. We want to make sure that all cadets have completed their annual validation before we begin. Cadets who did not complete their annual validation on Sept 12th will not be authorized to attend our regular t

raining activities until their annual validation is completed. In this case, they will have to come to Marie-Victorin Community Center on Wed Sept 15th or Friday Sept 17th between 18:30 to 21:00 to do it.


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