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Reminder about the Abseiling and Leadership day

This is a reminder about the Abseiling and Leadership day at Farnham that you signed up for on Facebook. The event will take place tomorrow, April 29, from 08:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. at CCMV.

Please make sure to bring water and a cloth lunch. The dress code is FTU uniform with tilley hat (bring your winter jacket and your toque). We will be providing transportation to and from Garnison Farnham.

This is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself, develop your leadership skills, and have fun with your fellow cadets. Don't miss out on this exciting activity.


  • Navya Bamania

  • Kris-Yvan Bazile

  • Oliver Bazile


  • Nathan Concessio

  • Leandros Doumos

  • Kamil EL AROUI

  • Malak EL AROUI

  • Mohamed Gamaleldin

  • Tala Gamaleldin

  • Jingbo Gao

  • Yidian He

  • Diana Hu

  • Janice Kim

  • Léo Lessard

  • Ricky Li

  • Evan Liang

  • Audra Mbatkam

  • Seungwoo Nam

  • Alejandro Maistrenko

  • Tchetgen Nathan

  • Michael Papapanou

  • Rocco Ramirez Aguirre

  • Nathan Tchetgen

  • Antoine Wang

  • Angela Wang

  • Chenxuan Wang

  • Neil Wong

  • Ruiyu zeng


  • Jason Zhou

  • RuiYu Zhou


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