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Dear cadets and parents,

It is with great enthusiasm that 338 Junior Wildcats Air Cadets Squadron is launching its spring fundraising campaign in association with the Perfection Company. We offer this activity in the framework of the "Fundraising for our optional activity program"

In addition, we ask you to register your child as a seller in our 338 Squadron online store in order to take full advantage of this sales tool which is secured by PayPal. Each cadet is invited to solicit their entourage in order to encourage your child by purchasing a variety of products from the catalogs . It's simple, fast and effective !

2. Click on the blue button: Become a seller for this campaign.

3. Select the French language and fill in the required fields and your seller page will be created.

From your seller page, you can send virtual solicitation cards for your fundraiser to everyone you know and close to your family by clicking on the pictogram under PROMOTE YOUR CAMPAIGN. Subsequently, they will be able to discover a wide range of quality local products (95% from Quebec ) and will have the possibility to choose what they want. Purchases will be made at the Squadron’s online store and recorded on your seller page and all products will be delivered to your home. You will be responsible for delivering them the products they purchased, unless they have requested delivery by Canada Post, at their own expense.

* In order to avoid shipping costs for the Squadron, you will need a minimum order of $ 50. The sales target set per cadet is $ 100.

For best results, start selling immediately. Remember, Easter is April 4th, think about your gift ideas!

** This fundraising campaign will run from February 12 to Sunday February 28, 2021 at 23h59. This is the cut-off date and time by which you must submit your sales to your child's seller page of the Squadron's online store.

The delivery of your order will be made to your home during the week of March 22, 2021

With your participation, success will be assured. Thank you for supporting our Air Cadet local program!


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