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As a result of the requirement to ask for the vaccination passport to access our cadet activities we need to gather some key information in order to assess the impact of that important change.

Each cadet has been asked two weeks ago to fill out our local immunization survey but we still have a significant number of cadets who did not yet provide us the information!

If your name appears in the list below, you MUST follow this link and complete the survey no later than 17:00 on Friday December 17, 2021. If you have provided proof of vaccination in the past 3 weeks but did not complete this survey, you will not be authorized to enter the school on Friday.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey:

Level 1

Cdt Ivan Danov

Cdt Abdulrahman Fares

Cdt Kian Karimkhani

Cdt Maya Lu

Cdt Adam Madsen

Cdt Ines Nicole Myriam Nana

Cdt George Zhang

Level 2

Cpl Yi Man Bu

Cdt Yuxuan Chen

Cpl Ezekiel Gonzalez-Davila

LAC Dason Zeng

Level 3

Cpl Muhammad Ayman Ahmed

Cpl Arman Azimi

FCpl Jason Wen Jun Chen

FCpl Victor Wen Xi Chen

Cpl Hamza El-Moutamer

Cdt Yijie Fu

Cpl Gabriel Golovka

Cdt Lalla Malika Hajouji Idrissi

Cdt Xiaorui He

Cpl Ying Jiang

FCpl Ryan James Mbatkam

FCpl Megan Ng Youn Chen

FCpl Perry Dylan Nsangou

Cdt Joud Osmani

Cdt Shakir Noah Pierre

Cdt Raghav Sharma

Level 4

Cpl Gabriel Briard

Level 5

FSgt Isaac Madsen

FSgt José Gabriel Suarez Bastardo

FSgt Marlyne Myriam Tchassem Loudjom

WO2 Sabrina Chouinard

FSgt Audra Mbatkam

WO2 Sergio-Andres Moreno-Suarez

WO2 Sherry Ye

FSgt Jin Wei Zhang


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