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Cadet Activity Program - Year 2 (CAP-2) Selections

Congratulations to the following cadets who have been selected for the CAP-2!

An email with your participation offer was sent to you and your parents' emails. You must return the completed form by email no later than Sunday, June 12, 5PM. For any questions, contact Capt Au (

July 18-29

1. Kameron Beales

2. Yuxuan Chen

3. Nathan Concessio

4. Yidian He

5. Keita Hotorna

6. Junyao Huo

7. Evan Liang

8. Evan Lu

9. Edric Ma

10. Tony Alan Nana Noutcha

11. Marc Pataky

12. Aryan Shadzi

13. André Slavov

14. ZiMing Tang

15. Mael Verdel Wafo Togueu

16. Joyce Zhu


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