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Cadet Activity Program - Year 1 (CAP-1) Selections

Congratulations to the following cadets who have been selected for the CAP-1! (CAP-2 selections will be posted next week.)

Selected cadets must come to MVCC on June 3, from 19:00 to 21:30, with their parent, to sign their summer course participation offer. If you cannot make it or for any questions, contact Capt Au at

July 4-8

  • Cdt Ashlin Chen​

  • LAC Lina El Ghazi​

  • Cdt Yuhao Feng​

  • LAC Yekta Karimkhani​

  • LAC Maya Lu​

  • LAC Ines Nicole Myriam Nana​

  • Cdt Brayden Jack Potvin-Keyes​

  • LAC Ho Gwon Nathan Tse​

  • Cdt Antoine Wang​

  • LAC Cho Yiu Ye​

  • LAC Zibo Zhao​

  • LAC Linyi Zheng​

July 11-15

  • LAC Navya Rashmin Bamania​

  • Cdt Yat Long Terrence Chan​

  • LAC Yuzhi Huang​

  • LAC Kian Karimkhani​

  • LAC Kaylee Jade Lai Cheong​

  • LAC Zoé Lau​

  • Cdt Felipe Pasquati Lacroix​

  • LAC Isaak Pons​

  • LAC Tyffanie Setchaisy​

  • LAC Sheng Qi Shi​

  • Cdt Shuangrui Shi​

  • Cpl Mokam Arnelle Yvana Wafo Togueu​


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