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Our affiliated unit military band is offering a free concert on Friday December 10, 2021 at the Cathedrale de Longueuil. Parents who wish to attend the concert while their children is attending cadet training in Brossard can reserve their seat. See detailed instructions in the picture and information below:

In order to be able to apply the policies regarding this kind of event, we need you to provide us with the following details:

- The name of every person in your reservation; and

- If your reserve many tickets and not everyone in your reservation lives at the same address, the number of “Family bubbles” included in your reservation (for instance: a reservation for 8 tickets where 3 person live together and 5 at another address, this will give us a total of 2 “bubbles”).

- The bubbles will be seated separately but close to each other in the church.

We would like to remind you that every member of the audience who is 12 years and older, must be fully vaccinated in order to attend the event and we require proof of vaccination status at the door. Also, wearing masks and keeping social distancing will be mandatory to all.

A delegation of 8 cadet musicians have been assigned to staff duties for this concert and will be the only one authorized to wear their C3 Blue Uniform for this event. Parents and other cadets who wish to attend this free concert must reserve in advance and can not wear their cadet uniform for the concert. See instructions below.


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