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In accordance with the Air Cadet League statute, each local sponsoring committee has to elect a board of directors to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the Air Cadet program's civilian partner. The sponsoring committee is key to the success of an Air Cadet squadron. Their members meet on a monthly basis and they are responsible for administering the non public funds, and amongst other things to ensure that we have the facilities to conduct our training activities.

An Air Cadet Squadron can not exist without the local partnership of the sponsoring committee and the military staff team. Parents or any member of the community can join the sponsoring committee in one of the different director's role they have in their structure.

We need parent's representatives in the committee and we would like to extend the invitation to all parents interested to contribute as a volunteer to the success of our local Air Cadet Program.

The elections will be on Friday September 16, 2022 at 19h30 at Antoine Brossard High School and a parent information meeting will follow the elections. We are looking forward to see many parents to learn about the cadet program and to join the sponsoring committee.

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