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338 Junior Wildcats Squadron Annual Gala - June 2, 2023

Here are a few clarifications concerning the event and the dress for tomorrow nights annual Gala.

  1. This is an important event where our cadets will be receiving their level graduation certificate and some will receive their first promotion as a result of the succesful completion of their instruction level.

  2. Our Junior Wildcats have 3 options for the dress for this event.

Option 1

The cadet can wear a formal civilian attire including pants, vest, shirt and tie for the male cadet or for women a formal gala dress just like the one your would wear if your were invited for a wedding or important ceremony. You wear this only if you already have one in your closet. No one should be required to purchase it for the event.

Option 2

The cadet can wear dress C2 - blue uniform with a white shirt with a black bow tie instead of the light blue shirt and the issued regular neck tie. No head dress to be worn with this attire. *** See picture below for this option. ***

Option 3

If you do not have a formal suit or gala dress or a white shirt with black bow tie for C2 dress NO PROBLEM! Simply wear your full blue uniform with shirt and tie just like the annual review. No medals, just ribbons. The only difference is that you do not wear the head dress (no wedge).

Looking forward to see you looking super good for this fun event!


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