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Hello all,

This week, we're coming back to our regular learning activities.





Who will have the rocket that flies the highest?

Follow the instructions here:

Watch the full experiment here:



Ever thought of how to survive in the forest as well as how to make a signal fire?

This week is all about how to build, light, maintain and extinguish a signal fire! What's special this week is that this time, you will be the ones asking questions! I know that there is much information given in this lesson, so I expect level 2 cadets to ask whenever you don't understand instead of me asking oddly specific questions! We will cover the questions I would have received over the week.

Send your questions to this e-mail:

Have fun learning how to make fire and don't try this at home!

Here is the PowerPoint to check:!Aog9DA--RSTTkQ5Irb0wFyFI4vlt

The deadline is before next Wednesday, May 13, 2020.




Here is cadet capsule #5 for level 3! This week covers the aircraft manufacturing and aircraft preflight inspection.

You HAVE to check this presentation before attempting the quiz:


Make sure to write your name, level, and flight before attempting this quiz. There are unlimited attempts so no need to write your name in 36 different ways.

To do the quiz, click the following link:

Congratulations to Nobody for winning last week's since no one did the challenge

Note: The quiz ends on May 14 at 11:59PM



Hey level 4 cadets!

In order to pass your level, you still need to the aviation exam, so there it is:

It is open book, you can use the Study guide here :

Also, here is a review of all the level 4 content to help you remember:

Some of you only had the aviation exam left to pass your level, this means the sooner you complete it, the sooner you become eligible for your Fsgt rank!

Take you time, read every question and do it!

Have a good week!


Have a great week cadets, see you soon!

Take care!

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