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The dress for the training night is full uniform with shirt and tie because we are having the Squadron's group picture and flight pictures taken. It is imperative that ALL cadets show up for the picture. Absences will be looked at very thoroughly.

Parent information meeting for summer camps

Parents who want to know more about the air cadet summer training program are invited to join us for an information session at 19:30 at Antoine Brossard High School.

New cadets swearing in ceremony

The following cadets will be sworn in tonight after completing their squadron's integration program:

  • cdt Antalis Evangelis

  • cdt Benedetti Alessandro

  • cdt Chiang Hsing Yu

  • cdt LeeZhao-Yi Andrew

  • cdt Lu Zixuan

  • cdt Maldonado Juarez Samuel

  • cdt Mbatkam Ryan James

Summer training program registration

Just a friendly reminder that ALL cadets MUST sign to the Summer training survey to confirm whether or not they want to attend a summer camp and if so which courses by order of priority. The deadline to confirm if you are going to attend or not is March 1, 2020. See previous post to access the survey link.

Marksmanship competition March 15, 2020

We want to register two teams of 338 shooters. Tonight we are going to take the FINAL registration for those cadets who want to be part of one of the two teams that we will be presenting at the March 15th competition. Those cadets will have to come on Sunday to perform their targets in the standing position.

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