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The interviews for the applicants to National courses will take place at the St-Jean Garrison on February 8, 2020.

The following 338 Junior Wildcats applicants passed the first phase of the selection process and are invited for a selection interview for the course they applied:

  • WO2 Chang D. EICA 8 FEB 2020 09:00 English

  • FSGT Moustafa H. GLIDER 8 FEB 2020 10:20 French

  • FSGT St-Cyr S. GLIDER 8 FEB 2020 10:20 English

The selected applicants will need to report to the St-Jean Garrison at 08:00 and the dress will be C3. All selected applicants must prepare for their interview in accordance with the Air Cadet Interview guide attached to this post.

All other applicants who are not on this list are considered as Not Selected and will be invited to file an application for staff cadet employment or regional courses.

Congratulations to selected participants and good preparation for this second phase of the national courses selection process.

Major S. Castonguay CD

Commanding officer

338 Junior Wildcats squadron

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