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We need to place a bulk order for those uniform parts and we are required to have all the sizes of the three uniform parts you will receive ( Pants, vest, boots). It is essential that all cadets provide this information today. We are waiting for 74 cadets who did not yet provide us with information. A new page has been created to overcome the problem we faced with the other page.

To input your uniform parts sizing simply go on the squadron's web site event tab or follow this link:

The following cadets have not yet provided the sizing for their new Field Training Uniform and must do it without delay:

  1. Atia Piere

  2. Ba Jingyi

  3. Ben Salah Anass

  4. Cai Lucia

  5. Carrillo Hayden-Arturo

  6. Chang Denise

  7. Chang Lulu

  8. Chung Mui Cheung Henna Jehan

  9. Cuba Canales Darlyn

  10. Deng Kevin

  11. Duran Joseph

  12. El Alaoui Arwa

  13. Fu Angie

  14. Ghoreishi Rayan

  15. Golovka Gabriel

  16. Guan Steven

  17. Huang Max Chen

  18. Jiang Jack

  19. Khare Aradhya

  20. Kravchenko Mykola

  21. Kuetcheu Teffo Aubin Christian

  22. Li Ricky

  23. Liu Elly

  24. Liu Emilia

  25. Liu Rong Hao

  26. Ma Clarissa

  27. Madsen Isaac

  28. Mathur Prem

  29. Meng Jia Yin

  30. Mo Kai Shi

  31. Moreno-Suarez Sergio-Andres

  32. Morozova Yuliia

  33. Mouya Madi Nelson

  34. Movva Anirudh

  35. Mustafayeva Tarana

  36. Pallares Jean-David

  37. Perdomo Lozada Diego Alejandro

  38. Perdomo Lozada Laura Sofia

  39. Pierro Kim-Ly

  40. Salcedo Aimituma Owen Rodrigo

  41. Shi Léonard

  42. Shi Roger

  43. Syomina Elina

  44. Tamara Bassel

  45. Tamara Youssef

  46. Tang Wei Lun

  47. Tawadros George

  48. Tawadros Georgina

  49. Wan Zihui

  50. Wang Danyang

  51. Wang Seanna

  52. Wu Zheng

  53. Xie Ivan

  54. Xie Nicole

  55. Xu Huayian

  56. Yakymenko Illya

  57. Yang Rui Han

  58. Yin James

  59. Yuen Lok

  60. Yung Patrick

  61. Zaman Umair

  62. Zhang Gary

  63. Zhang Hanbert

  64. Zhang Jin Wei

  65. Zhao Alyssa

  66. Zhao Can Yang (Jerry)

  67. Zhao Lily

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