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This activity is part of our Mandatory / Complementary program and consequently ALL cadets are expected to attend this event. Cadets have until 17:30 Friday November 8th to confirm on our squadron's web site whether or not they will attend one of the parade scheduled November 9th in Brossard or November 10th in St-Bruno.

Here is the list of cadets who did confirm their attendance:


Cadets form up at 10:00 in full uniform (shirt and tie) at the Brossard Legion building located on 8940 Rue Racicot, Brossard:

  1. Bendahmane Sophia

  2. Benedetti Giancarlo

  3. Bourakna Reda

  4. Cai Andy

  5. Carson Luo

  6. Chang Lulu

  7. Chiu Emily

  8. Cho Su Bin

  9. Chung Mui Cheung Henna

  10. Deng Kaien

  11. El Alaoui Arwa

  12. Gao Jennifer

  13. Gosselin Mykevin

  14. Hiscock William

  15. Li Lucas

  16. Li Ricky

  17. Liang Shirley

  18. Li-Shen Melissa

  19. Liu Emilia

  20. Liu Yi Chen

  21. Ma Clarissa

  22. Mbatkam Audra Nerys Shanesia

  23. Nguyen Tristan

  24. Perdomo Lozada Diego Alejandro

  25. Perdomo Lozada Laura Sofía

  26. Zhang Lawrence

  27. Zhang Michael

  28. Zhao Ziyue

  29. Zhou Jason

* Cadets part of the Band or the Marksmanship team MUST attend the Brossard Parade and you have to sign up on the web site today!


A maximum of 45 cadets form up at 12:00 in full uniform (shirt and tie) at the Marie Victorin Community Center to be transported by bus at the St-Bruno Legion:

  1. Bachkangi Eleny

  2. Bachkangi Gabriel

  3. Bouffard Billy

  4. Chan Elim Yung en

  5. Chang Andy

  6. Chang Denise

  7. Chiu Emily

  8. Chiu Jeff

  9. Deng Kaien

  10. Gao Jennifer

  11. Grigoras Philip

  12. Kung Mike

  13. Li Simon

  14. Lou Cathy

  15. Mbatkam Audra Nerys Shanesia

  16. MOU Richard

  17. Ng Amelie

  18. Ng Emelie

  19. Ng Theodoric

  20. Peng Dominic

  21. St-Cyr David

  22. St-Cyr Simon

  23. Wang Junlin

  24. Yang Ruihan

  25. Ye Sherry

  26. Zhang Chelsea

  27. Zhang Lawrence

  28. Zhou Jason

  29. Zhu Yijie

  30. Zhu Yijun


If your name is NOT on any those 2 lists, you MUST go on the Squadron's web site to confirm whether or not you will attend this mandatory program activity and sign up for one of the two events. Click on the link below to sign up for one of the parade.

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