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The medical insurance card that you have provided at registration to 338 squadron administration officer is now expired.

The following cadets are invited to stop by the Administration office tonight at Marie Victorin community center to give us a photocopy of your new card or to send a picture of your new card by e-mail at:

Thank you for your prompt reply

  • Bouffard Noah

  • Chiu Jeff

  • Cho Su Bin

  • Chouinard Sabrina

  • Du Lightning

  • Golovka Gabriel

  • Khare Aradhya

  • Long Derek

  • Madsen Isaac

  • Moustafa Hossam

  • Shi Roger

  • Tang Wei Lun

  • Wan Zihui

  • Wang Seanna

  • Yang Jonathan

  • Zhang Yuwen

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