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65 cadets showed up yesterday for our first L'auto Cadets sales blitz in the Brossard city streets. Thank you very much for those 7 parents who came to help out with their vehicles. Such a fund raising campaign CAN NOT be accomplished without the involvement of the parents. We require 1 parent with a car for each four cadets who show up for the blitz. We will need more parents on the next blitz otherwise it will be impossible to execute this activity safely and efficiently.

Many of our cadet teams performed well during the blitz and ended up selling at least half of their tickets allocation in one day. One outstanding cadet was even able to sell the totality of her 72 tickets before the end of the day in this first blitz! Congratulations to Fcpl Kimly PIerro for the fantastic achievement. She showed us yesterday that it is possible to sell ALL your 72 tickets in a very short period of time.

It is also a good demonstration that motivation, teamwork, perseverance and the right attitude makes a real difference in this fund raising campaign. Two thumbs up for Fcpl Pierro!

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