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The following 16 cadets did not complete their annual validation yet. Those cadets listed below MUST come to Marie Victorin Community Center with at least one parent Friday Sept 20th between 18:30 and 21:00.

** As a reminder, the cadet must be present with at least one parent to sign and complete the annual validation. Your parents should also bring $120 cheque or cash to cover the guarantee deposit for your l'Auto cadets tickets.

Cadets who have not completed their annual validation will not be authorized to enter Antoine Brossard High School on Friday Sept 20th.

*Cadets who decided to quit the cadet program must return their uniform tonight Sept 20th at Marie Victorin Community Center between 18:30 to 21:00. We will also accommodate those cadets on Saturday morning Sept 21, 2019 between 08:30 and 10:00.

Cadets who have to complete their annual validation:

  1. Diop Amadou Alioune

  2. Hal Houssine Amir

  3. Hambrook-McAllister Alexander

  4. Jaouhari Ziad Aiman

  5. Moulla Ryan

  6. Santana De la Hoz Mariana

  7. Su Qiana

  8. Tran Ngoc An

  9. Tran Ngoc Minh

  10. Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen

  11. Wang Kevin

  12. Wu Alessandra

  13. Wu Giulia

  14. Zabaleta Santiago

  15. Zhang David

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