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ALL Junior Wildcats Cadets MUST confirm whether or not they will attend the March 23, 2019 event posted on the Squadron's web site event tab. Because we need to order transportation and food for this event it is absolutely essential that each cadet take a moment TODAY on the squadron's web site to confirm their attendance.

Confirmation of attendance must be entered in the web site event tab NO LATER THAN MARCH 16, 2019. Click on the picture below to access the registration form or copy/paste this link to your web browser:

As of today, only 55 cadets completed the registration form. Here is the list of cadets who did not yet confirm their attendance:

  • Aasem Yanis

  • Antalis Nikolaos

  • Ata Mohammad Omid

  • Atia Lamair

  • Bachkangi Gabriel

  • Ben Salah Anass

  • Blanchette Nathanael

  • Blanchette Noah

  • Bouriel Mohamed Yessine

  • Bouriel Rayan

  • Cai Lucia

  • Carrillo Hayden-Arturo

  • Chen Hena

  • Chiu Meggie

  • Cho Su Bin

  • Diop Amadou Alioune

  • Du Lightning Yue

  • Duran Joseph

  • Espinal Sophia Elem

  • Fang Zoé

  • Ghoreishi Rayan

  • Guan Steven

  • Hal Houssine Amir

  • Hogue William

  • Huang Max Chen

  • Jerebtov Alexandru

  • Jiang Jack

  • Kravchenko Mykola

  • Lan Helen Zijun

  • Le Andy-Bao

  • Li Ricky

  • Li Sherry

  • Li Simon

  • Li Vito

  • Li Wen Bin

  • Lin Cynthia

  • Liu Yi Chen

  • Lou Cathy

  • Ma Andrew

  • Ma Clarissa

  • Meng Qing

  • Mo Kai Shi

  • Moulla Ryan

  • Movva Anirudh

  • Nguyen Thi Y Loi

  • Nguyen Van Dia Lap

  • Pang Léna

  • Pierro Kim-Ly

  • Pogorielov Nabil

  • Reva Markel

  • Shi Léonard

  • Suarez Bastardo José Gabriel

  • Tamara Bassel

  • Tamara Youssef

  • Tang Wei Lun

  • Tawadros George

  • Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam

  • Tian Kevin

  • Tran Ngoc An

  • Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen

  • Wang Kevin

  • Wei Sophia

  • Wu Alessandra

  • Wu Giulia

  • Xie Ivan

  • Xie Nicole

  • Yakymenko Dmytro

  • Yakymenko Illya

  • Yang Rui Han

  • Ye Flora

  • Ye Jacky

  • Ye Sherry

  • Yin James

  • Yu Mia

  • Yung Patrick

  • Zhang Chelsea

  • Zhang Gary

  • Zhao Lily

  • Zhong Davis Haohao

If your name is not on that list, it is because you are one of the 55 cadets who faithfully responded on time. If your name is on this list then hurry up and get it done today!

Thanks for your cooperation.

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