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We will be conducting a NECPC Physical fitness assessment for those cadets who did not yet completed it yet or who would like to re-test to obtain a higher qualification. The evaluation will take place at Marie Victorin Community Center on Sunday January 20, 2019 from 13:00 to 16:30.

Taking the Cadet Fitness Assessment is essential for passing your level but also to be eligible for promotion to complete your NECPC evaluation at least once a year. The dress for this activity is sports dress with running shoes.

Our records show that the following cadets do not have a valid physical fitness evaluation for this year and consequently are required to be present on January 20, 2019:

  • Aasem, Yanis

  • Alfahad, Jacob Mahmoud

  • Bachkangi, Gabriel

  • Ben Salah, Anass

  • Chen, Hena

  • Chiang, Hsing Chen

  • Deng, Kevin

  • Espinal, Sophia Elem

  • Hal Houssine, Amir

  • Jaouhari, Ziad-Aiman

  • Khara, Aradhya

  • Kravchenko, Mykola

  • Kuang, Jason

  • Li, Wen Bin

  • Li-Shen, Melissa

  • Liu, Rong Hao

  • Luger, Logan

  • Oliverio, Ella

  • Peng, Dominic

  • Rodriguez Torres, Luis Alejandro

  • Shi, Leonard

  • Tamara, Bassel

  • Tang, Wei Lun

  • Wang, Xixi

  • Wilson, Victoria

  • Yakymenko, Illya

  • Yang, Rui Han

  • Ye, Sherry

  • Zhang, Gary

  • Zhang, Lawrence

  • Zhao, Guang Hui

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