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Our l'Auto Cadets fund raising campaign is making good progress. As of December 30, 2018, we have a total of 7788 tickets sold and a remaining 1860 tickets in circulation. It means that 81% of all tickets distributed to cadets are now sold.

We are now entering in the final stretch for each cadet to finalize the sale of their tickets. We hope that those cadets who still have tickets took advantage of the Holidays to sell their remaining tickets because remember that our final objective is to have ALL TICKETS SOLD by January 25, 2019.

We now have 59 cadets out of 128 who still have tickets to sell. We are counting on each of those cadets to sell their tickets and bring back the money + sold tickets coupons to the sponsoring committee before the final date.

Let's go Junior Wildcats, go for it and sell those tickets before January 25, 2019!

Name First name Remaining tickets

Aasem Yanis 12

Atia Lamair 72

Bachkangi Gabriel 72

Blanchette Nathanael 24

Blanchette Noah 72

Cai Andy 24

Cai Lucia 72

Chang Denise 24

Chang Lulu 24

Chung Mui CheungHenna Jehan 24

DengKevin 48

DiopJasmin Diaggha 12

DongCalvin 24

EspinalSophia Elem 72

Ghoreishi Ryan 24

Guan Steven 24

Hal Houssine Amir 36

Huang David 24

Huang Max Chen 24

Jaouhari Ziad-Aiman 36

Kravchenko Mykola 24

Li Ricky 12

Li-Shen Melissa 24

Lin Cynthia 24

Liu Yi Chen 24

Long Derek 12

Luo Carson 24

Meng Qing 12

MoKai Shi 24

Moulla Ryan 24

Moustafa Hossam 60

Mustafayeva Tarana 24

Pang Léna 24

Rodriguez Torres Luis Alejandro 24

Su Vincent 12

Suarez Bastardo José Gabriel 12

Tang Wei Lun 24

Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam 24

Tian Kevin 60

Tran Ngoc An 12

Tran Ngoc Minh 24

Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen 24

Trujillo Moya Fernando Alberto 96

Wang Danyang 24

Wang Kevin 60

Wang Xixi 24

Wilson Victoria 12

Wu Alessandra 12

Yakymenko Dmytro 24

Yakymenko Ilya 24

Yang Rui Han 24

YeJacky 12

Yu Mia 72

Zhang Chelsea 12

Zhang Gary 24

Zhang Lawrence 72

Zhao Alyssa 72

Zhao Guang Hui 24

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