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Overall, the fund raising campaign is making good progress with 6384 tickets sold and a remaining 3168 tickets in circulation. It is a collective effort and we are counting on each cadet's commitment to make this fund raising campaign successful.

As of December 2, 2018, 87 out of 125 registered cadets (70%) have met the first milestone and performance objective of 48 tickets sold for this fund raising campaign. The remaining 30% who did not turn in their 48 tickets sold received their last call for tonight or Friday night at the latest to turn in their 48 sold tickets and money. We need a 100% compliance on this by Friday in order to fulfill our financial commitment to at the Air Cadet League.

Our next milestone now is January 25, 2019 where ALL cadets MUST turn in ALL the money and tickets completely sold.

Let's go Junior Wildcats, go for it and sell those tickets before the final deadline!

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