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Registered participants to form up at 07:45 at Marie Victorin Community Center for attendance and inspection.

Cadets have to bring a cold lunch. Dress: Civilian clothing with Squadron blue T-Shirt. Return to CCMV around 15:30

SUNDAY Nov 25, 2018

Only three optional activities running on Sunday. All other activities cancelled to let our cadets attend the La Guignolée Brossard community service activity.

MUSIC BAND 08:30 - 12:00 at Marie Victorin Community Center. Dress: Civilian clothing with Squadron blue T-Shirt

SELF DEFENSE TAEKWON-DO at Marie Victorin Community Center. Dress: sports clothing with Squadron blue T-Shirt mandatory.

DRILL TEAM 13:00 to 16:00 at Ste-Claire Elementary school. Dress: Civilian clothing with Squadron blue T-Shirt

COMMUNITY SERVICE: LA GUIGNOLÉE BROSSARD 10:30 to 14:30 at Antoine Brossard High School. ALL cadets who are not attending Level 3 IT SEMINAR, MUSIC, TAEKWON-DO OR DRILL TEAM are expected to participate to this important community service activity.

Dress: Warm civilian clothing with warm winter boots, tuque and gloves. No cadet uniform parts authorized. Bring a cold lunch / snack. Parents with a vehicle are invited to join their child and the community to support this activity.

LA GUIGNOLÉE Community service participants registered so far: More participants are needed. Simply sign up on the web site to let us know

Name First Name

  • Aasem Yanis

  • Atia Lamair

  • Cai Andy

  • Chen Hena

  • Diop Amadou

  • Dong Calvin

  • Ghoreishi Rayan

  • Hal houssine Amir

  • Huang David

  • Huang Max Chen

  • Kung Tsz Fung Mike

  • Li Lucas

  • Luo Carson

  • Mo Kai Shi

  • Nguyen Thi Y Loi

  • Nguyen Tristan

  • Nguyen Van Gia Lap

  • Perdomo Lozada Laura

  • Trujillo Moya Fernando Alberto

  • Zhao Chun

Have a great week end

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