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As part of their mandatory/complementary program, ALL cadets are expected to participate to this instructional program activity. Depending on their instruction level, cadets will tour the Canadian Parliament and the Aviation & Space museum or The war museum and the Deifenbunker.

Because we have to reserve meals and transportation, ALL cadets have to sign up on the squadron's web site to indicate whether or not they will attend. Registration must be done no later than 18:00 on November 4, 2018. Go on the squadron's web site or simply follow this link to confirm your child's attendance:

Coordination instruction

  • Dress: Civilian clothing with 338 Squadron's blue t-shirt. (Inspection will be made before departure).

  • Meals: You will need to bring a cold lunch. Supper will be provided in Ottawa.

  • Departure from Marie Victorin Community center at 06:30 AM. (Cadets should arrive at least 15 minutes before departure)

  • Return to Brossard at approximately 20:30.

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