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We now have a total of 86 cadets who have confirmed their attendance to the Field Training Exercise that will take at the Farnham military garrison. Your senior cadets have planned a whole bunch of really cool activities that will allow you to work as a team, make new friends and face some interesting challenges to be solved as a team.

You will find below the list of all cadets who have confirmed their attendance. We ordered food, lodging and transportation accordingly. It is essential that you show up and not cancel your participation at the last minute. Those who cancell their participation will be charged the associated amount for food, transportation and lodging.

Thank you for your cooperation and we sure hope to see you all in great shape for this very exciting week end activity.

Alfahad Jacob-Mahmoud

Antalis Nikolas

Benedetti Giancarlo

Blanchette Nathanael

Blanchette Noah

Cai Andy

Carreño Daniel

carrillo hayden

Chan Elim Yung en

Chang Denise

Chen Hena

Chiang hsing cheng (Max)

Chiu Emily

Chiu Meggie

Cho Su Bin

Chung Henna

Cuba Canales Darlyn

Dong Calvin

Du Lightning

duran joseph

Hal Houssine Amir

Hogue William

Hu Gavin

Huang David

Huang Max Chen

Jerebtov Alexandru

Khare Aradhya

Kravchenko Mykola

Kuang Jason

Le Andy-Bao

Li Lucas

Li Ricky

Li Sherry

Li Vito

Li Wen Bin Andrew

Liu Rong Hao

Liu Yi Chen

Lu Emily

Luger Logan

Luo Carson

Ma Andrew

Ma Clarissa

Madsen Isaac

Mbatkam Audra

Moulla Ryan

Moustafa Hossam

MOVVA Anirudh

Nguyen Tristan

Nguyen Van Gia Lap

Nguyen Y Loi

Pang Lena

Peng Dominic

Song Yi Fan

St-Cyr Simon

Su Vincent

Suarez Bastardo José Gabriel

Tang Weilun

Tchassem Loudjom Marlyne Myriam

Tian Kevin

Tran Ngoc An

Trujillo Moya Fernando Alberto

Wang Danyang

Wang Kevin

Wang Xixi

Wu Alessandra

Wu Bill Tong

Wu Giulia

Xie Nicole

Xuan Meng Xiang

Yakymenko Dmytro

Yakymenko Illya

Yang Jonathan

Yang Rui Han

Ye jacky

Ye sherry

Yuen Thornton

Yung Patrick

Zhang Chelsea

Zhang David

Zhang Gary

Zhang Jin Wei

Zhang Michael

Zhao Alyssa

ZHAO Guang Hui

Zhong Davis

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