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As of October 6, 2018 we have a total of 876 tickets sold and handed in to the sponsoring committee. The competition has started! As soon as you have a complete booklet of 12 tickets sold, you can come to CCMV on wednesday nights to hand in the money and coupon of your sold booklets. 13 cadets have done that so far.

Individual results The top two cadets who sold and returned more than 100 tickets so far: 1. Nguyen Tristan 144 tickets 2. Mbatkam Audra 132 tickets

Cadets who met their 6 booklets (72 tickets) objectives:

  • Antalis N.

  • Hogue W.

  • Lavigne J.

  • Mbatkam A.

  • Nguyen T.

  • St-Cyr S.

  • Wang K.

  • Ye S.

Congratulations to Cadet Nguyen Tristan from Kittyhawk flight for achieving the top seller with 144 tickets sold.

Results by flight

  1. Griffon: 240

  2. Sabre: 216

  3. Kittyhawk: 192

  4. Typhoon: 132

  5. Kiowa: 96

Congratulations to Griffon flight who holds the highest number of tickets sold so far.

Flight commanders: encourage your cadets to hand in their sold tickets and money to the sponsoring committee on Wednesday nights at CCMV or Friday nights at Antoine Brossard High School. Next update will be given on parade Friday night.

Onward Junior Wildcats!

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