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Only 7 cadets have not yet completed their annual validation renewal. (see liste below)

Last name First name

  1. Atia Lamair

  2. Castillo Cuenca Iker Mateo

  3. Hal Houssine Amir

  4. Luger Logan

  5. Ngo Bao Tai

  6. Pogorielov Nabil

  7. Wu Bovent

Our first training activity starts on Friday Sept 14, 2018 at Antoine Brossard High School with the annual Physical Condition Evaluation. It is important to note that those 9 cadets will not be allowed to enter Antoine Brossard High School on Friday night unless they have completed their annual validation renewal.

Those cadets MUST come first to Marie Victorin Community Center on Friday night Sept 14 at 18:30 to complete their annual validation renewal. Once completed, their parents will have to drive them to Antoine Brossard High School to join their friends and participate to the training activites.

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