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Special messages Cadets who have been selected for a summer camp will receive an instruction bonus for attending their summer camp (120$ for 2 weeks, 180$ for 3 weeks or 360$ for 6 weeks courses). This bonus will be paid to cadets by direct deposit only. Parents must provide us with a Cheque specimen from their account or the account of their child no later than May 29, 2018. Fill out the attached form and bring it to CCMV on Wednesdays or Antoine Brossard on Friday nights.

Regular messages

WEDNESDAY May 29, 2018: Admin & supply open from 19:00 to 21:00. Last chance to bring your cheque specimen and form for those cadets seleceted for summer camps.

FRIDAY June 1, 2018: End of year meritas GALA at Antoine Brossard High School Auditorium from 19:00 to 22:30. Cadet level certificates and additional awards will be presented to deserving cadets. Dress: Your best civilian clothing for a high class event. Girls should refrain from wearing short skirt.

SUNDAY June 3, 2018 No optional activities scheduled for Sunday. Special aviation activity at Bromont Airport where participating cadets will learn about Aviation search & rescue with civilian and military organizatiions. Cessna airplane familiarization flights organized in the afternoon. We have room for 45 cadets maximum. Register on squadron's web site to reserve your place.

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES - June 3, 2018 Special aviation activity at Bromont Airport - June 8, 2018 Parent meeting for summer camp and election of our sponsoring committee members

Have a good week.

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