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29 cadets have not yet confirm if they will attend the annual review. Check if your child is amongst those cadets.

Today is the deadline for ALL cadets to confirm whether or not they will be attending the mandatory annual review scheduled May 26, 2018. Confirmation of participation must be done via our squadron web site under the EVENT tab or by clicking on this link:

If you child's name is on the list below, please go on the web site now and confirm if your child will be present or not. This information is important to define the number of chairs required and food we need to order for cadets on saturday:

  • Backhangi Eleny Teresa

  • Badreddine Kaisse

  • Bouriel Mohamed Yessine

  • Bouriel Rayan

  • Cai Lucia

  • Carillo Cuenca Iker Mateo

  • Florez Campos Juan Miguel

  • Hal Houssine Amir

  • Hovakimyan Anna

  • Lan Helen Zijun

  • Li Ricky

  • Lin Cynthia

  • Ngo Bao Tai

  • Nino Avenia Juan David

  • Osmani Rami

  • Pang Lena

  • Pierro Kim Ly

  • Suarez Bastardfo Jose Gabriel

  • Tamara Basel

  • Tamara Youssef

  • Tran Ngoc An

  • Tran Ngoc Minh

  • Tran Ngoc Thao Nguyen

  • Wu Bill Tong

  • Ye Flora

  • Yu Mia

  • Yung Patrick

  • Zhang Gary

  • Zhao Alyssa

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