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Special messages As part of our mandatory program ALL cadets have to confirm whether they will attend or not the annual review on the squadron web site: https://www.338squadron.ca/…/2018-annual-review-final-parad…

****************************** Regular messages

WEDNESDAY May 9, 2018: -Admin & supply open from 19:00 to 21:00 for registration or uniform part exchanges.

FRIDAY May 11, 2018: - End of year final physical fitness assessment (NECPC). Dress: sports civilian dress clothing with squadron's blue T-Shirt.

SATURDAY MAY 12, 2018 Glider familiarization flight at Bromont Airport Cadets who signed up for the activity will have to report to Marie Victorin Community center at 07:00 with a cold lunch. The dress for the activity is civilian clothing with Squadron's blue T-Shirt

SUNDAY MAY 13, 2018 Special sports competition and target shooting activity organized by level 5 cadets at Marie Victorin Community Center from 09:00 to 16:00. Participating cadets must bring a cold lunch. Dress: sports dress with squadron's blue T-shirt.

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES - May 26, 2018 338 Squadron first Annual review parade - June 1, 2018 Annual Gala - June 3, 2018 Glider familiarization flight - June 8, 2018 Parent meeting for summer camp and election of our sponsoring committee members

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SPECIAL MESSAGES 1. ALL cadets must go on the squadron's web site www.338squadron.ca no later than Wednesday November 7th to confirm their attendance on the 4 posted events. 2. We have 6 more places a



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