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Our optional program activities

In parallel to our mandatory and complimentary program, our squadron offers a variety of optional activities to stimulate the interest of our cadets!



Target shooting with a compressed air rifle is a sport discipline offered to our cadets at the local level as well as on summer camps.  En plus de participer à des périodes de tir avec leurs groupes respectifs, les cadets peuvent aussi faire partie d'une de nos équipes de tir de l'escadron. Plusieurs d’entre eux ont l’occasion de s’entraîner jusqu'à la toute dernière compétition à laquelle l’équipe participe, à la mi-mars. Composée de cinq à quinze cadets, les équipes doitvent d’abord participer au championnat régional de zone.


Selon le classement obtenu, elles peuvent poursuivre la compétition au niveau provincial et ensuite, encore en fonction du classement de l'équipe, au niveau national. De plus, si les équipes ne se classe pas mais qu'un tireur individuel de l'équipe se classe, il peut continuer individuellement la compétition au niveau supérieur.



Military Drill Team


The precision squad is mainly aimed at those who love choreography, who have a good memory and who have very good discipline. The precision platoon is a military marching exercise where rotations, counter-marches and formation changes are combined with alignment, discipline, quick gestures and sharp movements to make a choreography unique of its kind.


Each year, there is a competition between the various Squadrons and Corps -  Precision platoons are made up of approximately 15 to 20 cadets and must learn and memorize a movement sequence to perform choreography without command.


Introduction to aerospace

One of the most interesting aspects where we look at the manufacturing processes surrounding rockets. We build and test them using different techniques. Model aircraft is also an avenue to explore at the squadron. Flight techniques are practiced using radio-controlled models.


Other elements related to the world of space are added to this section. Here, there is really nothing to be "in the moon".

Military music band


The squadron brass band is made up of cadets who have a desire to learn music on a particular instrument and have a definite interest in self-improvement and teamwork. These young people have a common goal: to form a group of tuned and captivating music. They have lessons in music theory, hearing training, ensemble music, and instrument techniques.


During the year, they are invited to prepare a level of music that will be evaluated, with a view to obtaining a badge for the level of music. It enhances our parade evenings and presents us with a service at the Annual Review.




Effective speaking


Knowing how to communicate with impact is a critical skill in today's world. One day or the other, we are expected to speak in front of a group either to inform or convince this audience for personal or professional reasons.  


Each year, the air cadet league is organizing an effective speaking competition. The competition starts at the local level where you practice and compete with your squadron's mate. The best of the squadron is then attending the regional competition and if our top cadet wins then they take part to a provincial competition.  The culminating point is to participate in the National competition where each year the provinces present their top candidates. 


Flight scholarship ground school


Are you passionate about aviation? Do you want to become a pilot? So the pilot program is for you!


Junior piloting

Junior piloting is intended for level 1 and 2 cadets. The courses offered by the junior program are intended to introduce cadets to the fundamental concepts of piloting.


Senior management

Senior piloting is intended for cadets of level 3 and above. The program aims to further develop the basic knowledge acquired in order to prepare the cadets for the glider and motorized pilot grants offered by the Air Cadet League.




One of the cadet program goal is to promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  That is why we like to offer our members of 338 Junior Wildcats squadron a variety of sports activities throughout the training year.  Having fun, developing team spirit and improving physical fitness is what really matters for us when we schedule sports activities.   


All our Junior Wildcats cadets have to take part in a physical fitness assessment at least twice a year. Cadets can quality in one of the five physical fitness level (participation, bronze, silver, gold or excellence). The main purpose of this assessment is to measure the progress of our cadets and to reward their achievement.  Cadets are allowed to wear one of the physical fitness qualification badge on their uniform.

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